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Angel J. Delao, Vice President
Angel's passion for helping others started at a young age, volunteering as a Boy Scout with helping the disabled and elderly in his community. As a young adult, he volunteered with schools, churches and community organizations to help improve the quality of life for others. Recently, Angel served his community as a volunteer EMT for Turtlecreek Township Fire Department and is a proud member of several philanthropic organizations. He is a married father of two beautiful girls and adoptive dad to several rescued animals including at one time, a potbelly pig. Some may say that Angel was destined to help others his entire life given his name but he insists that helping others is a conscious choice as he explains, "You can live your life helping yourself or helping others. I choose the latter." Perhaps, this explains why his license plate reads LUV 2 HLP and you can usually catch him outside of work hours volunteering to help others 
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Experienced Professionals
Stephen P. Race, President
Nothing demonstrates Steve's commitment to helping others more than the 24 years he spent as a volunteer firefighter and EMT with Jackson Township Fire and Rescue. As a Lieutenant, he was on several thousand scenes and attended to hundreds of patients over the years. In his professional life, Steve most recently served as Director of Operations for a private EMS company and earned his RN certificate from Galen College of Nursing. While many may think Steve's primary passion in life is the sound of a tone dropping, he has many diverse interests including sailing, landscaping, camping, and spending time with his beautiful wife, their three sons and his gorgeous little granddaughter. Outside of work, you can usually catch him at Norris Lake enjoying his boat.
Our belief is that every member of USAmbulance should care for the needs of our patients before their own. This is why every team member is a current or retired public service firefighter, EMT, nurse or member of the armed services. They've demonstrated the will to sacrifice their own needs in order to help others and we've recognized that they are the best of the best. They were truly Born to Serve. 

USAmbulance's mission in the coming months is to recruit retired service men and women and train them in the field of EMS.  Our commitment to pay for their education and training is our way of showing gratitude for the selfless service they've given  to our nation. 

Our Professional EMTs